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Sweet Potato Halwa Recipe

Sweet potato halwa recipe or shakarkandi halwa recipe is one of the simplest dessert recipes. No Masterchef skills are required to prepare this yummy dessert. Only hard work here is to stir it continuously. You can prepare sweet potato halwa for fastings as well as for any festive occasion.

Preparation time: 30 Mins
Serves: 4
Ingredients for Sweet Potato Halwa Recipe:

Boiled Sweet potato - 500 gmsGhee - 2 tbsp or moreMilk(Full fat) - 250 mlJaggery - to tasteCardamon - 4-5Dry fruits - handful Sweet potato halwa recipe: 1. Boil peel and mash sweet potatoes. 2. Heat ghee in a pan. 3. Add mashed potatoes. Saute them for about 2 mins. 4. Add a little milk. Keep on stirring. 5. Add grated jaggery and mix it well. If you want to use sugar instead of jaggery then you can use sugar. Note: If your jaggery is not dry at room temperature then don't add it now. Add it after adding dry fruits. Otherwise, milk will curdle. 6. Add more milk.  7. Keep on stirring. This is the only step in Sweet Potato…