Beetroot Parantha Recipe

Beetroot parantha recipe with step by step photos.

Beetroot is a very nutritious vegetable.It is very effective to cure anaemia,  blood sugar, cholesterol, helps in weight control, promotes in stronger bones and teeth, increases the level of anti-oxidants, has anti-ageing properties. Woah! In short, it is a must-have.

Now you must be thinking why all healthy things are tasteless!😒 Well, beetroot parantha comes to rescue! Beetroot parantha is just wow in taste as well as in looks.😍😋 In fact, all of my friends who tasted this parantha had the same opinion. Beetroot gives a very bright colour to the parantha which looks great. You should definitely try this recipe! Here goes beetroot parantha recipe with step by step photos.

Beetroot parantha


Beetroot (Grated) - 1-2 small beetroot
Atta(Whole wheat flour) - 1.5 cups
Water - 0.75 cups
Green chillies - 2
Anardana powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Garam masala - 1/2 teaspoon
Coriander powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Ajwain(Carom seeds) - 1/2 teaspoon
Oil - 2-3 tablespoon
Salt - to taste

Beetroot parantha recipe:


  1. Mix atta, salt and ajwain. 
  2. Add about 1/2 Tbsp oil. Mix it well.
  3. Now slowly add water. Knead it to prepare a soft dough.
  4. The dough is ready! Keep it aside.

For Stuffing:

  1. Heat oil in a pan.
  2. Add grated beetroot.
  3. Add salt, green chillies, anardana powder, garam masala and coriander powder.
  4. Mix everything well. Let it cook on medium-high flame for about 6-7 minutes.
  5. You will notice that beetroot will become a little dry. Press it with the back of the spatula. If the juice is not coming out then stuffing is ready!
  6. Spread it on a plate. Let it cool down for about 15-20 minutes.

Rolling and shaping paranthas:

  1. Take a lemon sized section of dough.
  2. Make bowl kinda shape. Fill the stuffing. Don't stuff too much otherwise it will be difficult to shape and roll paranthas.
  3. Close it. Now roll it with light pressure. Use atta for dusting.

Roasting Paranthas:

  1. Heat a tawa. 
  2. Put rolled parantha on the hot tawa.
  3. You will see some bubbles and the side facing upwards will become darker. This is the time when you should flip the paranthas.
  4. Apply oil on this side now. Flip it again and apply oil on the other side as well.
  5. Make sure that the parantha is roasted well from both the sides.

Beetroot Parantha Recipe with Step by Step Photos:

 1. Mix atta, ajwain and salt.

Mixing atta, ajwain and salt

2. Add oil. Mix it well.

Added oil

3. Add water to prepare the dough.

Added water

4. The dough is ready. Keep it aside.

Dough is ready

5. Heat oil in a kadhai.

Heating oil

6. Add grated beetroot. Saute it a little.

Add grated beetroot

7. Add anardana, salt, garam masala and dhaniya powder.

Added spices(ananrdana, garam masala and dhaniya powder) and salt

8. Add chopped red chillies. Mix everything well. Let it cook for another 5-6 minutes on medium-high flame. It should become dry.

Add chopped green chillies

9. Stuffing is ready. Spread it on a plate. Let it cool down for about 15-20 minutes.

Stuffing is ready

10. Take a lemon sized section of the dough.

A section of dough

11. Shape it like a bowl with the help of your fingers. Fill about 1/2 Tbsp stuffing. You can alter the amount of stuffing as per your choice. Don't stuff a lot otherwise rolling paranthas will become difficult.


12. Close it as shown in the image below.

Closing it

13. Now start rolling it slowly with very less pressure.

Ready for rolling

 14. Parantha is ready to be roasted.

Ready for roasting

 15. Transfer it to a hot tawa.


16. Flip it when it starts bubbling. Apply some oil this side.


 17. Flip it again. Apply oil this side as well.

Applied oil. Roasting.

18. Cook it well from both the sides.

Beetroot Parantha is ready!

19. Paranthas are ready! Serve it hot with beaten curd, chutney or ketchup.

Beetroot parantha

Recipe Notes:

  1. Don't turn off the flame until the stuffing becomes really dry.
  2. Don't stuff too much stuffing in the paranthas otherwise, it will become difficult to roll.