Cheesy Spinach Corn Sandwich

Cheesy spinach corn sandwich with step by step photos.

Cheesy spinach corn sandwich is a winter special sandwich! As the name says, it is cheesy😋 with a nice flavour of pepper and mixed herbs 😋
Recipe of the stuffing is similar to the white sauce preparation with spinach and corn.  Do try this at home. Kids will definitely love this!

Here goes the detailed cheesy spinach corn sandwich recipe with step by step photos...


Bread slices - 6
Corn kernels - 1 cup
Spinach (Chopped) - 1 medium bunch
Processed cheese - 1/2 cup
Maida(All purpose flour) - 1 Tsp
Milk - 3 tablespoon
Pepper - 1/2 teaspoon
Olive oil or any cooking oil - 1 teaspoon
Mixed herbs - 1/2 teaspoon
Butter - 3 tablespoon or as required
Salt - to taste

Cheesy spinach corn sandwich recipe:

  1. Heat oil and about 1.5 tbsp butter in a pan. It's important to add little bit oil with butter otherwise butter starts burning.
  2. Add maida. Mix it well. 
  3. Add corn and spinach. Sauté them for a while.
  4. Now add processed cheese. Keep on mixing it. Cook it for 3-4 minutes on low-medium flame.
  5. The mixture will be very tight at this point. Add milk to make it spreadable. 
  6. Keep on mixing everything. 
  7. Turn off the flame once it has reached the desired thickness. Add some mixed herbs as well.
  8. Stuffing is ready! Time to prepare sandwiches.
  9. Take two bread slices. Apply butter on one side of both the slices.
  10. Keep the one above another so that butter sides stick together.
  11. Now spread the stuffing on one side.
  12. Heat a pan. 
  13. Put the bread with the stuffing first on the pan, the side with butter facing downwards.
  14. Put another slice on this with butter side facing upwards.
  15. Let it roast on a very low flame. 
  16. Flip it and roast it from another side as well! 
  17. Cheesy spinach corn sandwich is ready! Serve it hot with ketchup or any of your favourite dip😋

Cheesy Spinach Corn Sandwich with step by step photos:

1. Heat oil and about 1.5 tbsp butter in a pan. It is important to add little bit oil with the butter otherwise butter starts burning.
Heating butter + oil
 2. Add maida.

Added maida

 3. Mix it well.
Roasting maida

 4. Add sweet corns. Sauté it for 1-2 minutes.
Tossing corn
 5. Add finely chopped spinach.

Added spinach
 6. Add salt.

Added salt

 7. Add processed cheese.

Added cheese
 8. Add black pepper powder.

Added black pepper
9.  Add milk and keep on stirring it really well.

Added milk

10.  Add grated mozzarella cheese.

Added cheese
11. Add mixed herbs.
Added Mixed herbs
12. Apply butter on one side of the two bread slices.

Applied butter on bread slices

13. Put them one above another so that butter side comes together. This step is just to save the mess while stuffing.

Kept one bread on another with butter sides together
14. Put a generous amount of stuffing. Spread it evenly.

Spread stuffing evenly
15. Put this bread on a hot pan.

Bread on the hot pan.

16. Cover it with second bread slice.

Covered with another bread
17. Roast it well from both the sides. Generous amount of butter + low flame is the key to crispy sandwich 😋


18.  Serve it hot with your favourite dip.


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