How make Paneer at Home

How make Paneer at home with Step by Step Photos.
I am yet to find a person who hates paneer. I love using homemade paneer. It is definitely much more fresh, soft, hygienic and cheap when prepared at home. It can be prepared with just two ingredients, milk and anything sour like vinegar, lime juice or curd. Here the process of making Paneer with Step by Step Photos.



Milk - 1 litre
Curd/Vinegar/Lemon juice 

How to prepare paneer at home with Step by Step Photos:

1. For preparing paneer, do the setup first.Put a strainer on a vessel. 

Strainer on a vessel
2. Put a muslin cloth on it.
Added Muslin cloth to our setup
3. Now boil milk.
Boiling milk
4. Once it starts boiling add vinegar or lime juice or curd. Basically anything sour.

Adding Vinegar
5. Don't add too much of anything at once. Add slowly in small quantity. Stop adding it when you can see that the milk has started curdling.

Curdled milk
6. Turn off the stove.
Curdled milk
7. Pour it on the setup that you have prepared already.

Poured curdled milk on the muslin cloth
8. Wrap it with the remaining cloth.

Wrap it
9. Put some heavy weight on it. Leave for about 15 minutes. All the water will go to the vessel and paneer will be left in the pan.

Keep a heavy weight
10. Paneer is ready. Cut it or grate it as per your need.😁

Paneer is ready!
11. Don't throw the water left in the vessel. You can use it in curries. I usually soak Rava(Semolina) in this water and prepare chillas/appam/rava dhokla with that. If you want the recipe for these things also then let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy to share.😊
Save the water.

Recipe Notes:

  1. I haven't mentioned the quantity of lemon juice/ vinegar or curd in this recipe. The only way to judge is when the milk starts curdling. After this immediately stop adding anything sour and turn off the stove. If you will keep it on stove for more time then it will become chewy. 
  2. The quantity of paneer depends on several factors. In full fat milk it will be more. If you are using curd then also the quantity will increase. 


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